The 6th piano (The nothingness) by Nathan Felix
With my friend Christopher Wasserman
OSMO - Spain
With Elizabeth Sombart
In concert
Monzón Symphonic Orchestra - Zaragoza
UPF Chamber Orchestra - Barcelona
Brians 1 Penitentiary Center - Barcelona
OSRé - Beirut (Lebanon)

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - London (UK)

With ex-Ambassador in Lebanon - 2011

with Rony Rogoff

With Elizabeth Sombart and Véronique Genest (Pierre et le loup)

          with Luis Conde after his Mahler Concert    
UPF Chamber Orchestra

with Narcisa Toldrà (Toldrà's daughter)

Rehearsal with Camerata Regala - Bucarest

In concert
With Pablo Ferrández - 2009
With my maestro Jordi Mora - 2007
Studio photo
Studio Photo
Studio Photo
Studio Photo
Studio Photo
Studio Photo
Sinfonietta Universitària de Barcelona and Coral Sant Medir
Barcelona Auditorium 
Tarragona Chamber Orchestra
Orchestre Solidaire Résonnance
Conducting Masterclass - CIEPR
Orchestre Solidaire Résonnance
With Edoardo Catemario (guitar player)
Maestro Arroyo Philharmonic Orchestra - 1999